Biography Kapitan Pattimura - World Biography

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Biography Kapitan Pattimura

Biography Kapitan Pattimura

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Biography Kapitan Pattimura

Full Name: Kapitan Pattimura

Real Name: Thomas Matulessy

Date of Birth: State Haria, Saparua-Maluku, 1783

Victorian fort, Ambon, December sixteen, 1817

Military career:
Former British Military Sergeant

Kapitan Pattimura Thomas Matulessy real name, was born within the land of Haria, Saparua, Maluku in 1783. Resistance to Dutch colonial rule 1817 was captured in Saparua Dutch fort throughout the previous 3 months once paralyzing all Dutch troops within the fort. however he was finally caught. Dutch court sentenced him to hold him. Execution that materialized on December sixteen, 1817 finally claimed his soul.

True resistance shown by this hero unshakably United Nations agency won't compromise with the Dutch. many times the Dutch government inducement that he's willing to join forces as a condition for the discharge of death by hanging was ne'er excited. He selected the gallous as a fall within the nation Kusuma Putra than lifestyle as a traitor womb-to-tomb regrets that gave birth to her mother's uterus.

In the history of countries European occupation of the solid ground, several Indonesian territory ever controlled by 2 colonial state successively. generally perpindahtanganan mastery from one country to a different it generally even formally done, while not a struggle. so the island, the world once occupied by the Dutch and so switch controlled by land and back once more by the Dutch.

Thomas Matulessy myself have veteran the modification of management. In 1798, the island were antecedently controlled by the Dutch switch controlled by British forces. once British rule materialized, Thomas Matulessy had entered British military service and final rank of Sergeant.

But once eighteen years of British rule Maluku, exactly in 1816, the Dutch came back to power. Once the Dutch government came back to power, the folks of Maluku immediate suffering. numerous varieties of pressure usually occur, like work crews, forced submission agricultural merchandise, so forth. Not endure these pressures, finally folks additionally in agreement to carry the resistance to liberate themselves. Resistance that at first occurred in Saparua it then chop-chop unfold to alternative areas throughout the island.

In Saparua, Thomas Matulessy elective by the folks to steer the resistance. For that, he was topped title Kapitan Pattimura. On sixteen could 1817, an incredible battle occurring. Saparua the folks underneath the leadership of Kapitan Pattimura Duurstede captured the fort. Dutch troopers within the fort were all killed, as well as Resident Van den Berg.

Dutch troops were sent later to retake the fort Kapitan Pattimura troops additionally destroyed. As a result, throughout the 3 months of the defensive structure capitulated Kapitan Pattimura forces. However, the Dutch failed to wish to only hand over the fort. Netherlands then do huge operation by deploying a lot of troops equipped with a lot of fashionable weapons. Pattimura forces finally overcome and made back.

In a house at Siri Sori, Kapitan Pattimura captured Dutch troops. With a number of his troops, he was taken to Ambon. There many times he was persuaded to conform to join forces with the Dutch government, however has forever declined.

Eventually he was tried in court and sentenced to hold colonial Dutch had born him. However, the Dutch still hoping Pattimura still wish modified perspective of being willing to join forces with the Dutch. in the future before the hanging execution meted out, Pattimura still be persuaded. however Pattimura demonstrate genuineness continues to resist persuasion struggle with it. ahead of the fort Victoria, Ambon on December sixteen, 1817, executions were meted out.

Kapitan Pattimura fall as a National Hero. Of the struggle he left implicit message to the heir to the state that ne'er ever sell her honor, the family, particularly the state and nation.

Biography Kapitan Pattimura

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